Shasthra Security Service

The areas which SSI Protection provides security services include but are not limited to:

  • Commercial Locations
  • Senior Citizens Facilities
  • Residential Locations
  • Constructions Sites
  • Retail Organizations
  • Government Contracts
  • Conventions
  • Restaurants
  • Fairs
  • Sporting Events
  • Educational Facilities
  • Special Events
  • Financial Institutions
  • Medical Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Industrial Locations
  • Airports

Personal Protection Specialists

We provide detail-oriented protection agents who bring together a variety of experiences ranging from military, diplomatic protection, and veteran armed security officers. Protection specialists are carefully chosen in order to provide client needs so they can go about their business and personal engagements in a secure manner. Whether the client be foreign dignitaries, diplomats, or high-profile families, our agents can provide the desired security through a range of skill-sets in order to deter, detect, or respond to threats. Our protection specialists aren't formed for the client at the last minute. Our specialists regularly work and train together so they are continuously familiar with each other in order to provide the best and most reactive detail to the client.

The ultimate service for your individual or organization’s transportation needs.